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The Big Idea
Trading Rules


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- CDR's only recorded at DISC-AT-ONCE. (No Gaps at all)

- No MP3 recording!!!

- Use quality CDR's (Kodak, TDK, Maxwell etc.).

- Please do not send Jewel Cases. I will not send them either.

- If you have the cover art please email it to me. I Will do the same.

- Before you send the CDR's, please check the CDR's on gaps, thicks, pops or skips of any kind.

- Do not write on the Discs. You can use sticky notes to label the CDs.



- For trading I use High Quality Videos. Please do the same.

- I don't sell anything from my collection.

- Copy the videos at SP (Not LP).



- I do not sell my DVD's only trading.

- Before sending DVD's please check them first.